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At Suitable Staffing Solutions, we can match you with talented workers in the industrial, manufacturing, and food service industries, including:


In any manufacturing plant, it’s essential to have skilled workers on the line to keep the process running smoothly and avoid stoppages that can cost considerable money and time. Our talented assemblers work with precision, keeping safety in mind at all times.

Food Industry

Food Industry Jobs Los Angeles

Need a food preparation expert? Workers to staff a temporary event, such as a food festival or pop-up booth? We can connect you with food industry specialists who work with speed, safety, and courtesy. Make your food service event a huge success with workers from Suitable Staffing Solutions.

Forklift Drivers

Forklift Drivers Los Angeles

A good forklift driver is essential for a warehouse or stockroom. Forklift drivers are entrusted with the care of expensive goods and the safety of all personnel, making their training and professionalism of paramount importance. Let us find your operation the most qualified forklift driver available.

General Labor

General Labor Los Angeles

Suitable Staffing Solutions can provide you with a talented labor force to fill a number of general labor positions, including event staff and food preparation specialists. Whether your needs are one-time, seasonal, or ongoing, we’ll find people to fill any position you need.

Industrial Jobs

Industrial Jobs Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a qualified machine operator, forklift operator, or light industrial worker, you’ve come to the right place. Our talent pool is skilled, professional, and safety-oriented. Recruit the best workers from Suitable Staffing Solutions to ensure that your industrial operation meets with success.

Light Industrial

Light Industrial Jobs Los Angeles

The term “light industrial” can cover a variety of manufacturing fields that involve more hand than machine labor. Whether you need skilled workers for garment production, home and office furnishings, auto parts, food production, or niche fields, Suitable Staffing Solutions will help you find the right personnel for you.

Manufacturing Industry

Each manufacturing operation requires a workforce with a specialized set of technical skills. Productivity and efficiency start with a motivated, qualified staff. Let Suitable Staffing Solutions match you with the right workers, whatever your industry.


Warehouse Jobs Los Angeles

Warehouse workers require a specific set of skills, including organization, attention to detail, and an emphasis on safety. Your stored goods will be in safe hands with warehouse personnel from Suitable Staffing Solutions. In addition, we offer safety and OSHA compliance to all clients at no additional cost. Contact Suitable Staffing Solutions if you need to fill any of the above positions, or if you have a specialty position that requires a unique skill set. We look forward to assisting you.