We offer the best possible material handling personnel for all types of industrial jobs.

Are you in need of full-service material handling from top-notch professionals? Look no further than Suitable Staffing Services, Inc.! The hiring process for material handling professionals can be messy and time-consuming, which is why so many businesses are looking to outsource their hiring needs. Our team of hiring managers know exactly what to look for in a knowledgeable and experienced material handler and inventory specialist. Through our staffing agency, we know what to look for in more specialized material handling positions, from installation to commissioning.

We’re ready and eager to connect highly valuable personnel with hiring companies.

Currently, the areas of expertise that we support include conveyor systems, work-cell assembly, labeling, storage, retrieval, sortable and non-sortable material, and multi-level pick modules. We'll also work with your leaders and relevant teams to determine exactly what type of material handling needs you have. The end result will be an excellent partnership with a team of material handlers that have the knowledge and specialized skill set for your business staffing needs.

Our material handlers can take on quite a few different types of projects. They understand how often technology changes in this industry and are ready and willing to learn new practices and processes. You might be surprised by how extensively your warehouse will transform with our team on the job!

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